Wendy King Philips

“In imagining and creating our collection, I look to fashion, architecture and global culture for inspiration. I’m always striving for elegance in the home AND the closet.”

Wendy King Philips

Wendy King Philips

Creative Director, Interlude Home Trendspotter, Businesswoman, Explorer. Foodie. Step-Mom. Wife.

  1. Ok, so it’s almost summer. It’s not the summer we dreamt about and pined for all year long, but it’s summer none the less.

  2. As we desperately try to adapt to the new normal, we believe music is exactly what we need right now. It has the power to heal, to lift and transport us to another place…

  3. I seem to keep having the same conversation repeatedly, you know, the one about mixing metals. It’s as if everyone feels like there’s a steadfast rule they’re about to break. It reminds me of the, “Can you wear white after Labor Day?” conundrum. The answer to that by the way, is a resounding yes. And, I do often.

    So, to answer the frequent question once and for all (probably not but…), YES, please mix metals with confidence and conviction. It’s much easier to “match”, but not nearly as interesting or unique. Antique brass, polished brass, nickels and gunmetals play so well together, just choose what you love and the result will be stunning.

    Here are a few pieces that are prime examples.

    Photo above by Spinelli Kilcollin

  4. I've been thinking a lot about scale lately. Often, the usual standard sizes just don’t cut it and you need something smaller or larger. The hunt is fun for a while, until you come up with ZERO. When Carl and I were designing our apartment, among many challenges was a desk for my own teeny, tiny NYC room that was to become a comfy office, aka my hiding place. I was completely shocked but nothing in our line worked, so I asked Jessica, our Head of Product Design to scale a mini Ava Desk. Voila, perfection... a little acrylic showstopper. We introduced it on our website and apparently, I wasn’t the only one who needed it.

    The opposite happened when a very high-end client kept repeatedly ordering two Surrey Acrylic Cocktail Tables. We inquired as to why and he let us know he was nesting them together. One aha moment later and a star was born. The large scale Surrey Square Cocktail Table.

    All of this has piqued my inquisitiveness. What do you need? Chances are, if you ne

  5. If you’re anything like me, nothing is a bigger time suck than the rabbit hole we call the internet. Between Page Six, The Daily Mail and an assortment of various fashion blogs, my day starts about 30 minutes after cracking open my computer. Yes, The New York Times is mandatory, but I’m being honest here and bottom line, those are my first looks and guilty pleasures.

    That brings me to our newly designed website. We created something where you could both get lost and enjoy; yet shop the way you want with ease. A new website with all the product information you desire PLUS solid content to let you into our world. It has the all the bells and whistles; as well as clear shopping options to satisfy all (we hope!). Want to see the runway shots where our shearling benches and chairs were inspired? Craving the best gin & tonic recipe to whip up on our sleek bar carts? What about joining us on our global travel adventures? All this and more starts now. I hope it’s just the rabbit

  6. Jennifer Aniston in Vintage Valentino Vintage fashion is amazing. Aside from the thrill of the hunt, the prize is not looking like anyone else at the party. For a true fashionista, there's nothing like the opportunity to express your stylish individuality in a room full of rather meek risk takers. It takes (along with a great deal of confidence) an innate eye to locate and tailor a piece from a long gone era into a modern, fresh silhouette.

    That got me thinking....What can we do that draws upon the past in a respectful and fashion-inspired way? How can we translate let's say gold boucle into a metal detail or develop a process for a material that looks appropriately aged, yet crisp and contemporary? It's been so much fun thinking this way, and we've only just begun. Here's to fashion and furniture!


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