Leaving the fashion business after thirteen years was quite a step for me… Like many businesswomen, my identity had become completely intertwined with what I did every day (Associate Publisher of W Magazine). I knew I had to jump, so I did and somehow, I knew my creative energy would resurface in a new and exciting way. I just didn’t know how.

Then I met Carl.
Home décor. Love.
Modern & sophisticated. Absolutely.
Living with luxury. Hello!

One new marriage and three step-children later, here I am. Not only did I inherit a new family eight years ago, but an adventurous globetrotting husband who grabbed (or should I say yanked) me by the hand and swept me off to India. And Indonesia. And Vietnam. And that was just the start. I was hooked. World travel and a deep connection with global art, culture, food and people was in my blood. The icing on the cake was getting to translate my amazing new discoveries and love for interior design into the interior décor collections and objets you’ll find at Interlude Home.

So, after some (ok, a lot of) prodding from friends and colleagues, welcome to my StyleFile! Here, I’ll be sharing personal tips and tidbits from my travels… restaurants, hotels, recipes, cultural curiosities. SHOPPING. (Wait until I tell you about my favorite bespoke belt boutique in Paris!) Anything else I can think of to make you look and feel great, inspire style and have a good time. It’s all about #fashioninspiredliving.

I look forward to having some fun here and want to hear from YOU, so please share your journeys, discoveries and finds with me! Let the blog games begin.