From time to time, I need to write about topics other than home décor. As much as we all live for design, I am also obsessed with fashion, food, culture and yes, manners. I was brought up in Baltimore and although it's not the Deep South by any stretch, there was a formality that permeated through society. Basic manners were expected (at least I thought they were basic at the time), both while interacting with others and at the table.

AND TODAY? What's going on? When did people start saying "No problem", in response to "Thank you"?

No problem? What?

As you can tell, it's really getting to me. I recently witnessed a young man (20's) hold the door for an elderly lady (very nice, yes) and as she looked at him and said, thank you, he responded with, "no problem."No problem? Like it was ever a problem to hold a door for someone? Or, it's