I've been thinking a lot about scale lately. Often, the usual standard sizes just don’t cut it and you need something smaller or larger. The hunt is fun for a while, until you come up with ZERO. When Carl and I were designing our apartment, among many challenges was a desk for my own teeny, tiny NYC room that was to become a comfy office, aka my hiding place. I was completely shocked but nothing in our line worked, so I asked Jessica, our Head of Product Design to scale a mini Ava Desk. Voila, perfection... a little acrylic showstopper. We introduced it on our website and apparently, I wasn’t the only one who needed it.

The opposite happened when a very high-end client kept repeatedly ordering two Surrey Acrylic Cocktail Tables. We inquired as to why and he let us know he was nesting them together. One aha moment later and a star was born. The large scale Surrey Square Cocktail Table.

All of this has piqued my inquisitiveness. What do you need? Chances are, if you need it someone else does too.

Photo above by Dan Novac from Pixabay

  • Surrey Grand Cocktail Table
  • Liora Drink Table
  • Ava

l-r: Surrey Grand Cocktail Table, Liora Drink Table, Ava Small Desk/Console