I've been thinking a lot about scale lately. Often, the usual standard sizes just don’t cut it and you need something smaller or larger. The hunt is fun for a while, until you come up with ZERO. When Carl and I were designing our apartment, among many challenges was a desk for my own teeny, tiny NYC room that was to become a comfy office, aka my hiding place. I was completely shocked but nothing in our line worked, so I asked Jessica, our Head of Product Design to scale a mini Ava Desk. Voila, perfection... a little acrylic showstopper. We introduced it on our website and apparently, I wasn’t the only one who needed it.

The opposite happened when a very high-end client kept repeatedly ordering two Surrey Acrylic Cocktail Tables. We inquired as to why and he let us know he was nesting them together. One aha moment later and a star was born. The large scale Surrey Square Cocktail Table.

All of this has piqued my inquisitiveness. What do you need? Chances are, if you ne