I seem to keep having the same conversation repeatedly, you know, the one about mixing metals. It’s as if everyone feels like there’s a steadfast rule they’re about to break. It reminds me of the, “Can you wear white after Labor Day?” conundrum. The answer to that by the way, is a resounding yes. And, I do often.

So, to answer the frequent question once and for all (probably not but…), YES, please mix metals with confidence and conviction. It’s much easier to “match”, but not nearly as interesting or unique. Antique brass, polished brass, nickels and gunmetals play so well together, just choose what you love and the result will be stunning.

Here are a few pieces that are prime examples.

Photo above by Spinelli Kilcollin

  • Tamara Cocktail Table
  • Zora Bench
  • Darcy Hide Chair
  • Kenzie Stool
  • Stiletto Bench
  • Morand 3 Drawer Chest

l-r: Tamara Cocktail Table, Zora Bench, Darcy Hide Chair, Kenzie Stool, Stiletto Bench, Morand Chest

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