Dear friends,

As we desperately try to adapt to the new normal, we believe music is exactly what we need right now. It has the power to heal, to lift and transport us to another place… maybe even another time. So, I put together a playlist, Interlude@Home, a mix that's both calming yet spirited.

We all share a devout passion for Interior Design, which our home environments reflect, so hopefully you're enveloped in beauty, whatever that means to each of us. We hope that these beats, both old and new, elevate your mood and give you a lift. Our wish is that even for a brief Interlude, during your daily walk, run, while cooking or finally taking that long bath you’ve been promising yourself, the music transports you to a place of healing and optimism.

While there is much we cannot control right now, we can take the time to turn on the music, smile, breathe and hopefully, laugh.

Wishing you all sustained health, and remember spring is just a moment away; may it bring us all a sense of hope and renewal.

Wendy King Philips
Creative Director