Ok, so it’s almost summer. It’s not the summer we dreamt about and pined for all year long, but it’s summer none the less.

But, before all of that I want to speak to those of you that have been personally impacted by Covid-19. Many of you lost people you love, people you knew or have been sick yourself. I know Carl and I have witnessed it all, and it’s profoundly tragic. Please know we think of you every day. Truly.

So, back to summer. Since we’ve all been cooped up for what seems like an eternity, everyone is commenting that they need a home décor refresh. Whether it’s a complete makeover (have you ever spent more time on your sofa?) or a few pieces to change the look of your room (new bedside chests anyone?), or new dining or counter chairs (that’s a shake-up), we have you covered. And, we are shipping safely following all guidelines to ensure your health and the health of our employees. So, go ahead and change things up, right now your home is your sanctuary, today more than ever.

Wishing you continued health.

Photo above by Lyfetymes

l-r: Cassis 4 Piece Sectional, Diego Counter Stool, Diego Chair, Livia Small Bedside Chest