It’s a strange time right now, one filled with uneasiness and for many, unbridled anxiety. I’ve tried to consciously acknowledge and address it although it still seems to seep into my dreams. Here’s to the vaccine hopefully rescuing all of us; it cannot come soon enough.

The silver lining has been the attention to detail everyone is placing on their home environments. It’s as if the moment arrived (all at the same time!) where people had to face their long-neglected décor and make swift decisions to turn their rooms into sanctuaries. I won’t even mention workspaces, that’s a given.

We've gotten to know so many of you, even more intimately than we already had. Hearing your stories and your client’s needs (and worries) has helped us become even more attuned to what’s essential. So, with over 90% of our designs in-stock, we’re ready to safely ship while taking care of our co-workers and in-turn, you. Happy shopping and please stay safe.

l-r: Cora Hide Desk, Dana Chaise, Ava Bar Cart, Maryl Dining Chair, Thatcher Bench

Photo above by Unknown