One would think this conversation would not be taking place in the United States of America. Children need to eat. Healthy, consistently and with zero food insecurity. Kids should be wondering what their parent or adult will be putting on the table, not if there will be something on the table. But, that's not the way it is, and that my friends is what needs to change.

So, after al fresco drinks with friends, and a fabulous Labne Dip with Sizzled Scallions & Chile I made (thank you Alison Roman), Carl got to thinking. How can we help children during this pandemic and after? One of our friend's that night happened to be a noted restauranteur, so we reached out to ask him which charities he supported that fought diligently, passionately and without partisanship to help children receive food. His answer was, No Kid Hungry, a division of Share Our Strength. So