It seems as if things are lightening up, both on the ground and in the air. Travel, my biggest source of inspiration, is starting to be an option (thank G-d!). Although our vigilance must remain steadfast, both for ourselves and for society as a collective whole, we are all starting to play again. Dinners with friends abound, people stopping by for cocktails & conversation and the best, we're hugging again. Honestly, I tear up when I'm wrapped in my friend's or more poignantly, my mother's or father's arms.

So, it's time for new. New memories, new experiences and new décor. I've got you covered in that department with all our new designs debuting right now. From chic seats & marble cocktail tables to stunning game tables and sculptural benches… update now for all the company you'll be having over. Yay!

l-r: Violet Cocktail Table, Julian Arm Chair, Jacqueline Bench, Levi Occasional Chair

Photo above by Damsel in Dior