This summer seems like it's going to be a busy one. Not only are people traveling again, but invitations of all sorts are flying. We recently received an invite to a fun Memorial Day Weekend cocktail party where "Adult houseguests welcome" was written front and center. I smiled with both relief (we have houseguests) and elation as a sense of normalcy is palpable again.

Speaking of all those houseguests, it's time for a "fresh refresh" as I like to call it. Our houses and apartments have been ground zero for so long now, even if they're perfectly appointed, we're all sick of the same. My friends are requesting new chairs, new cocktail tables and new beds, oh my.

So, out with the now and in with the new. I'm ready for you, friends.

l-r: Elle Small Desk/ Console, Burke Dining Chair, Heyworth King Bed, Hampton Backgammon Set

Photo above by Gentleman Bobwhite