So, as you know Greece was the word this summer. And, I'm sure you also know, it's the summer of lost bags. Two of our friend's bags were lost and one has yet to be found. 6 weeks later.

All the above has led me back to exclusively carry-on, which years ago was my standard move. I've also purchased Apple Air Tags and better luggage ID tags.

So, I started thinking about paring down and what can fit where, both in my closet and in design. Which brought me to small bedside tables, of which we have many. Embracing the movement towards less, our little 18" wide beauties nail both form and function. Whether you want a smaller piece due to scale of the room, or you just don't need as much storage, these hit the mark.

Here's what's new

l-r: Taylor, Livia, Morand

photo credit: The Impression