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Wendy King Philips

“In imagining and creating our collection, I look to fashion, architecture and global culture for inspiration. I’m always striving for elegance in the home AND the closet.”

Wendy King Philips

Wendy King Philips

Creative Director, Interlude Home Trendspotter, Businesswoman, Explorer. Foodie. Step-Mom. Wife.

  1. During the holiday season, I always think of those who have lost someone important in their lives. Whether it was last week or many years ago, that gaping hole will feel deeper during the holidays. It just does.

    One of my best friend's recommended Anderson Cooper's new podcast, "ALL THERE IS" on loss and grief, which was already on my list, but her endorsement catapulted it to the top. It's exceptional; raw, real and heartwarming all at once. Listening to it is like being wrapped in a virtual grieving blanket, the warmth is palpable and there are moments of laughter along the way.

    One often feels alone in their pain, this makes it emphatically clear we are not.

  2. I must be honest; I've been struggling with my blog. I love to write, I also love to share secret sources, travel tips and obsessions.

    So, I decided to pivot and re-introduce this blog to be content driven. Sure, sometimes it will be about furniture, lord knows I'm obsessed with it, but also fashion, food, places and spaces. And, anything else I endorse and think you'll love.

    So, stay tuned, I've got a lot to say.

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