Wendy King Philips

“In imagining and creating our collection, I look to fashion, architecture and global culture for inspiration. I’m always striving for elegance in the home AND the closet.”

Wendy King Philips

Wendy King Philips

Creative Director, Interlude Home Trendspotter, Businesswoman, Explorer. Foodie. Step-Mom. Wife.

  1. Ok, every now and then we all get sucked in and buy something trendy. At the time, it seems like a great idea, but alas, we often come to regret it. I’ve done it over the years mainly with color, which I never seem to gravitate towards, or a logo that for some reason in the moment I decided was ok to flash. Unless it’s subtle or an iteration of a neutral, I’m never going to wear it.

    I’ve learned my lesson over the years, which is why I’m pretty firm on creating a furniture line constructed exclusively of textured neutrals. People can envision something in their home when it’s in a calm, soothing palette, somehow, it’s more approachable and refined.

  2. It’s a tradeoff in both fashion and in home décor. So, often (ok, very often) there are animated conversations in our design studio about the beauty of a design vs its functionality. And, as you can imagine there are different camps. I tend to concentrate on the aesthetic composition of a piece, its form and symmetry, and others opine about its usefulness, whether it’s multi-purpose etc. Clearly, the goal is to arrive at a place where we nail the design AND it serves its purpose seamlessly. Voila…form and function.

  3. I so often think of fashion as a true source of comfort. For me, putting on an outfit that gives me confidence is the true definition of fashion's power. I tend to have a uniform: only neutrals with an emphasis on black, taupe, winter white and grey. I didn't realize it was obvious until a friend asked what I was wearing to a girl's night a few weeks ago. I replied, and she said, "Oh, typical Wendy" which after I paused, took as a compliment. I love that I have a signature style.

    It motivated me to think about how I design our homes, whether I use the same formula? It turns out I do. For our lake house, I decided before we broke ground that only colors found in a petrified wood stump would be used throughout the house. The only exceptions are the spots of color in many of our vintage pieces, like tiled Pia Manu or Roger Capron tables. I love the result. It's calming and serene with a tad bit of drama.

    We all have our signatures, turns out mine are textured neutrals

  4. If you're anything like me, knowing we are experiencing the last vestiges of summer is a big downer. It's my most favorite season (although I do love a killer fall), as the days are long, nights are mellow and we can be outside, which these days has even more meaning.

    We carb load tomato sandwiches, grill fish, summer veggies from our CSA and of course, make anything and everything peach. It's just heaven.

    That being said, we need something to look forward to this winter, and that to me is a little sprucing up. Even just a few changes to our décor can give us a big lift. We've taken this to heart this year while designing, so a piece or two can bring a smile to your face.

    Here are a few lounge chairs & chaises to read, catch-up on the phone with a friend or just sit and ponder.

  5. Creative people are a funny bunch. Some are structured and disciplined and others, well not so much. I tend to be organized, yet a procrastinator. However, and much to Carl's chagrin, I do my best work under deadline. So, there's that.

    I also change things up, meaning, I make it mine. For example, I love to cook, but I'm not intimidated if I don't have all the ingredients, I just substitute or leave things out.

    When decorating, I don't follow the traditional rules, and honestly, I do what I like. I usually don't use color, some would say it's because I'm not brave, I would beg to differ. I like a calm, neutral environment where everyone can feel comfy and relaxed. For me, bold color does the opposite. What I'm trying to say is, be true to yourself. Whatever you're doing, lean in and own it. Sometimes, it may not work out, just pivot, make another move and continue to be you.

    Here's an umami packed side dish that I made mine…along with a chic selection

  6. Traveling was a HUGE (as in gigantic) part of our previous life, and quite frankly, our rhythm, which may have seemed obvious to my friends & family but wasn't as obvious to me. I now realize when we touched down, my first thought was when was the next wheels up? Not the healthiest.

    This year I tried to stay focused on the positive, another wards, keep my eye on the prize, which honestly was hard at times. That prize was to travel again (but with a different rhythm) to all the places we adore and inspire us endlessly (hello, Paris, Rome & Vietnam). I think it's now within striking distance, at least I'm starting to fantasize again.

    I think we all learned to operate a bit differently, take stock in our blessings and take it down a notch, all the while working productively and creatively. Here are a few sofas & chairs I lounged in over the past year, they're comfy and welcoming, (and of course, super chic) and allow for hours of full-on travel research. I've also

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