Remember the days when you saddled up to the lunch counter at Lord & Taylor or for me, Hutzler's in Baltimore? I have visceral memories of eating egg salad sandwiches with potato chips, tea sandwiches and chicken salad with my grandmothers. There was something simple and chic about those days, way before L'Avenue took over Saks. You shopped and lunched without all the pretense but with the same amount of fun.

It got me thinking about counter seating and how our kitchens have been transformed to provide the island experience. Guests, kids and family members hang out while I cook and hand out samples along the way. It provides for a more casual experience that somehow feels different than eating at the table. All in, it's great and adds a certain flair.

So, with that in mind, we want there to be choices to satisfy all with both form and function as these seats are front, center and hopefully used frequently.

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l-r: Burke, Darcy Graphite, Brooklyn

photo credit: NYPL Digital Collection