Although our inspiration comes from many different sources, fashion is our driving force. I just can't help it. First of all, it's my background, secondly, I love it and lastly, I have a crazy admiration for designers and their creative passion. It is just endless and boundless and the opposite of risk adverse. The use of leather is a perfect example, especially this season. It was seen all over the runways and is bursting into every category.

While I'm spouting about leather, let me share a secret bespoke belt source in the city of light. And, who doesn't want to go to Paris? These tiny boutiques are called Losco (20 rue Sévigné or 5 rue de Sèvres) and they're designed to look like apothecaries with little drawers, cabinets and surprises everywhere. First, you choose your belt, color, and design from the myriad of choices, next, pick your buckle, and then stumble through your mediocre French to have it assembled, sized and voilà! A unique, perfectly fitting and of course, chic, belt to rock with your new flared denim. Thank me later.


Ok, now back to home décor. We seized upon the leather trend to create more, more and more fab pieces. Hair on hide in so many color palettes, fur stools, benches and ottomans, upholstery, studded boxes and AMAZING chairs. Here are a few of my new faves.

Au Revoir,


    Tristan Klismos Chair –Gray Sheep Skin

  • Bella Pouf – Gray

  • Chase Storage Basket –Spotted Hide