Guest Designer Jeremiah Brent!

“Interlude Home has that innate ability to design pieces that feature classic, simple lines in exciting and modern materials. No matter what style of space I’m designing — contemporary, traditional, Parisian, beachy, etc — furniture from Interlude fits in effortlessly. From casual bleached wood, to elevated lucite, to masculine raw iron, these pieces are often both unexpected, yet timeless."

- Jeremiah Brent

An artist from an early age, Jeremiah taught himself how to design and build furniture. He parlayed his love of artistry and fashion into decor, quickly gaining notoriety in the interior design world. His "no rules" approach to California Modern style is inspired by the natural beauty of his home state and travels to the far reaches of the globe. Jeremiah curates his clients' homes to reflect those journeys and demonstrates that successful interior design is a personal reflection of one's past, present and future.

Jeremiah founded his design firm in 2011 and has been featured in publications such as Domino, Architectural Digest, and Harper’s Bazaar. With a keen eye for style, Jeremiah has established himself as both a tastemaker and influencer continually inspiring his followers through various partnerships, television series, and branded collaborations.