Wendy King Philips

“In imagining and creating our collection, I look to fashion, architecture and global culture for inspiration. I’m always striving for elegance in the home AND the closet.”

Wendy King Philips

Wendy King Philips

Creative Director, Interlude Home Trendspotter, Businesswoman, Explorer. Foodie. Step-Mom. Wife.

  1. My parents are avid readers and encouraged me to delve into books for as long as my memory stands. I consider it a tremendous gift and thank them often. During hideous adolescent moments, commiserating with characters and escaping into another world was my saving grace. Here are a few fiction beauties, I’ll save real life for later.

  2. When it comes to trends, there are one season wonders and investment pieces. As I’ve gotten older, I tend to spend more and buy less. It’s both a sustainable practice and suitable for my lifestyle. I tend to nod toward a trend, not embrace it full stop.

  3. For those of you who don’t know, I love to cook. It’s my form of meditation and truly takes my mind off all, I find it incredibly grounding. Cooking for family and friends is a passion.

  4. We were recently in Madrid for a dear friend's birthday celebration and made it our priority to see the Lucien Freud exhibit at the Theyssen. It was extraordinary. If you happen to be taking a jaunt to this fabulous city, definitely get tickets.

  5. We had a dinner party the other night and I wanted to do something a little different. My dear friend asked for an assignment, so I gave her one. Instead of just bringing baguettes or a loaf of sourdough,

  6. If you're looking for a pair of sneakers that are both super stylish, versatile and won't break the bank, the New Balance 327's are for you. Available in a variety of color palettes, they hit the mark with both jeans and dresses. The only catch is how fast each drop sells out. Happy hunting.

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