1. April 2024 Kitchen hacks


    As you all know, I love to cook, it's my individual form of meditation. Often, I'm astounded by the amount of time that's passed, which gives my constantly racing mind a reprieve.

    Over the years I've discovered a few things that just make it a little easier: Butcher's Code Cooking Ties and Mesh Soup Socks are two of them.

    More to come.


  2. March 2024 Les beiges

    Les Beiges

    I'm super lazy when it comes to applying make-up. However, when I find a product that's super easy AND does a perfect job, I'm all in. I may be late to the party, but Chanel nailed it with Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint. Perfect coverage + perfect glow.


  3. February 2024 Blog pivot


    I must be honest; I've been struggling with my blog. I love to write, I also love to share secret sources, travel tips and obsessions.

    So, I decided to pivot and re-introduce this blog to be content driven. Sure, sometimes it will be about furniture, lord knows I'm obsessed with it, but also fashion, food, places and spaces. And, anything else I endorse and think you'll love.

    So, stay tuned, I've got a lot to say.


  4. February 2024 Second skin

    Second Skin

    Fragrance is my second skin and I adore edgy, masculine scents. Bo, by Liis, which according to its female founders, "evokes a coastal forest," with redwood pine, cedar, incense & vanilla. Tobacco Toscano, by Santa Maria Novella is equally compelling, think tobacco, leather, cedarwood and vanilla, the perfect woody bouquet.

    The vibes are similar, but each stand very tall on their own. Perfection.


    I tend to stick to neutrals and always consider metallics one of them. Whether in jewelry, fabric, or metal, they attract the eye, a touch of sparkle goes a long way. So, when I went down a rabbit hole searching for the perfect pair of socks, I spied these, and they’re a 10.

    Wear with Birkenstocks, ballet flats and even kitten heels. These delicate ankle socks add a twinkle. The devil is in the details, and the price point... spot on.

  6. December 2023 Holiday gift guide


    Bo by Liis
    Love this slightly masculine edgy scent, my absolute fave.

    La DoubleJ
    For someone who shies away from prints, somehow I adore this one, I already have the pants and this dress is screaming, "wear me to a party"

    Crimson - The Saddle Shoulder
    A diehard fan for years, this new style in dark chocolate is divine.

    Creative Co-Op Unscented Candles
    These sculptural candles look so expensive, yet aren’t. And, the color is perfection.

    Alonpi Cashmere throws
    Alonpi for Interlude Home luxe cashmere throws (you have photo) It doesn’t get softer than this, heaven.

    Brunello Cucinelli Penny Loafers
    I cheated and bought early. So cozy and color spot on

    GAP - Vegan Leather Vintage Slim Pants
    The Gap is back this season. Perfect vegan leather pant in divine shades.

    My absolute favorite-of-all-time bag, and that’s a bold statement.

    Susanna Salk
    Luxe cream from Positano made in Italy by my dear friend.

“In imagining and creating our collection, I look to fashion, architecture and global culture for inspiration. I'm always striving for elegance in the home AND the closet.”

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