If you’re anything like me, nothing is a bigger time suck than the rabbit hole we call the internet. Between Page Six, The Daily Mail and an assortment of various fashion blogs, my day starts about 30 minutes after cracking open my computer. Yes, The New York Times is mandatory, but I’m being honest here and bottom line, those are my first looks and guilty pleasures.

That brings me to our newly designed website. We created something where you could both get lost and enjoy; yet shop the way you want with ease. A new website with all the product information you desire PLUS solid content to let you into our world. It has the all the bells and whistles; as well as clear shopping options to satisfy all (we hope!). Want to see the runway shots where our shearling benches and chairs were inspired? Craving the best gin & tonic recipe to whip up on our sleek bar carts? What about joining us on our global travel adventures? All this and more starts now. I hope it’s just the rabbit hole you’ve been looking for…