Ok, so August is upon us which means gorgeous tomatoes (there’s nothing like a late summer tomato sandwich), fresh corn, billowing veggies and juicy, sun-kissed fruit. All the while, we can enjoy the outdoors and sit socially distanced from our loved ones. I implore everyone to recognize this gift, which we never, ever thought about before – just the chance to sit with our most favorite people.

Which brings me to the next season, and the looong one after that for those of us that reside in seasonal climates. We’re going to be moving back indoors people! And yes, that means the same four walls we have resided in for much of the year. If that sounds somewhat daunting, as it does to most, let’s change things up so it’s not Groundhog Day, AGAIN. Personally, I want to swap out two things; the public rooms where we tend to gather and the bedside chests in our bedroom. I’m thinking about curved sofas and chests with a little storage since I seem to be accumulating numerous books and Covid related paraphernalia; like lip balms, scented candles and a myriad of lotions to calm my dry, overly washed, severely dehydrated skin.

Here are a few pieces I’m considering, as well as some of my recent favorite discoveries.

l-r: Montaigne Bedside Chest, Camilla Cocktail Table, Nuage Sectional, Diptyque Fig Tree Candle, Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream, Westman Atelier Eye Pods Eye Shadow

Photo above by Julia’s Simply Southern